Touch Screens

Touch Screens the way you deserve.

Switch to superior reliability and durability.

Technomark offers our customers both Digital Resistive Touch Screens and Analog Resistive Touch Screens.


Digital Resistive Touch Screens are as easy to interface with a controller as a conventional matrix keyboard and popular when finger-sized touch zones are required.

Analog Resistive Touch Screens are designed for “pen recognition” applications or other situations where a higher resolution is required. Technomark supplies both 4-wire and 5-wire Analog Touch Screens.

In addition to superior durability and reliability, Technomark Touch Screens feature:
  • Input flexibility: finger, stylus, pen, credit card
  • FPC tail technology that surpasses competitors
  • Lower-resistant film, more flexible than PET or ITO
  • Excellent optical performance, even with anti-glare hard coating film
  • Haze <6%, the best optical performance in the industry
  • Capabilities to handle .035mm space dots, the smallest in the industry
  • Anti-Newton ring, anti-glare, anti-reflection, special chemical hard coating
  • Various choices of surface treatments

Touch screens, touch panels or touch screen panels are display overlays which have the ability to display and receive information on the same screen. The effect of such overlays allows a display to be used as an input device, removing the keyboard and/or the mouse as the primary input device for interacting with the display's content. Such displays can be attached to computers or, as terminals, to networks. Touch screens also have assisted in recent changes in the PDA and Cell-Phone Industries, making these devices more usable.

With the growing acceptance of many kinds of products with an integral touch screen interface the marginal cost of touch screen technology is routinely absorbed into the products that incorporate it and is effectively eliminated. As typically occurs with any technology, touch screen hardware and software has sufficiently matured and been perfected over more than three decades to the point where its reliability is unassailable. As such, touch screen displays are found today in airplanes, automobiles, gaming consoles, machine control systems, appliances and handheld display devices of every kind.


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